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We have placed- and will continue to place - a tours of product production to enable you to get a feel for the work that we do, and the care and planning that goes in to each individual item that we make.

Tour One

Completed Decking ProjectTake a tour of a recent decking project that we have undertaken. This particular project was fitted with remote control electrics, an on deck 120 kilo stone water feature and both wall and deck spotlights. Total onsite project time was 39 hours.



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Tour Two

Completed  TreehouseTake a tour of a how to build a treeless treehouse, from finding a suitable spot to finally getting to play high up in the trees (but without a tree!).



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Tour Three

Finished play systemThis tour covers the build of an exciting outdoor playsystem and treehouse. See its build unfold and the imagine the excitement and enjoyment that this new addition to the garden will bring.

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Tour Four

Finished SummerhouseThis tour covers the build of a Summerhouse from its humble beginnings as a corner plot of somebody's garden, into a wonderful house for all to use.

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18 August 2022

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