1.) These Standard Terms of Trading are available to anyone, at any time, upon request.

2.) By placing an order with TDT or any of its subsidiaries it is understood that you have read and understood and agree to abide by all the terms and conditions set out below.

3.) All goods remain the property of TDT until paid for in full

4.) Goods will not be dispatched until paid for in full.

5.) Guarantees given are for standard, private use only. Inappropriate, public or abusive use will not be covered by any guarantees.

6.) TDT will endeavour to repair toys whether or not under guarantee but obviously charges will occur.

7.) All goods must be inspected upon arrival, any shortages or damages, must be reported to the carrier immediately and to TDT within 24 hours of arrival.

8.) Shortages or damages not notified to the carrier or to TDT within the specified times cannot be refunded and replacements will be at full cost.

9.) Special orders are subject to approval by TDT .

10.) All special orders are subject to payment of 50% with the order and the remaining 50% payable on delivery.

11.) If customers withdraw from commissioned special orders, for whatever reason, the 50% payable with the order is non returnable, unless manufacture has not started, or no materials have been purchased, in this case monies to the value of at least 50% of the deposit will be retained to cover the cost of time spent, design work and planning of the product.

12.) If a customer fails to pay the required monies at the relevant times and no agreement is met to rectify the situation, within these agreed terms, then TDT reserves the right to recover the products from the customer and to re sell the items. Any costs incurred will be charged to the customer and deducted from the sale price along with any outstanding debts. Any surplus after all costs and outstanding debts have been deducted will be returned to the customer. Items will be sold at auction and any shortfall after the sale of the goods will be charged to the customer at full cost and we reserve the right to recover these monies through the courts should this deem necessary.

13.) Prices quoted or estimates given are ex works, postage, or carriage is charged at standard postage or carrier rates.

14.) Where overnight postage is required then the full cost of the fast post will be charged.

15.) All items posted or sent by carrier will be covered by insurance to their full value and all the carrier or postal service terms must be adhered to.

16.) If estimates are exceeded a notification is given, but an allowance of 10% should be accepted for unforeseen costs on customer idea special orders.

17.) All prices are subject to V.A.T. unless otherwise stated.

18.) All rights to copy remain the property of TDT . Any sale of design or idea must be dealt through TDT with relevant commissions payable to TDT .

19.) All required planning permissions or permission from local authorities are the sole responsibility of the customer and no claim can be made from TDT for losses due to non-compliance with any authority.

20.) Whereas we will endeavour to advise to the best of our ability, customers are responsible for ensuring that special orders built to customers own designs meet all relevant standards required by any authority that may be concerned.

21.) We at TDT will endeavour to comply with any relevant authority, however any alterations needed or costs incurred post delivery will be charged to the customer at full cost.

22.) Any modification or alteration to the original design of TDT products will not be covered by any guarantee and will then be the customer’s responsibility to ensure the products relevant safety.

23.) Complaints with any aspect of our products, for whatever reason, must be notified immediately and no later than 14 days from delivery. After this time any repair will be deemed as an alteration and charged to the customer accordingly. Any fault notified to TDT after this time will only be rectified at TDT ’s own discretion.

24.) TDT reserves the right to alter designs, prices, availability or any of these terms as from time to time may be necessary.

25.) It is understood that wood is a natural product and whereas we will endeavour to limit natural warping cracking and shrinkage where possible it is understood that this process is just one of the characteristics of wood products and no claim against TDT will be made.

26.) All orders or work undertaken are subject to acceptance of these terms and conditions unless otherwise stated and alternative terms drawn up
27.) It is a requirement that by placing an order with TDT that you the customer is deemed to have read and understood all our standard terms of trading and have agreed to abide by all the terms and conditions set out The customer also agrees without question to pay all the monies required as deposits, final payments and extras set out by TDT at the relevant times.

Date Revised 12 June 2007

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18 August 2022

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